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Bringing people together through food has always been a passion for us.  And that’s exactly what food does, it changes people.  It brings them together, even from different cultures.
Our goal is to combine the catering and a food truck experience and bring something different to Orlando. We strive to give back to our community and connect in many different ways. With our combined years experience, we provide something special, not only to small groups but with the large groups too. Our different backgrounds provide us great diversity in our menu and expertise.

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Chef Shirley Stamper

Has been putting love and laughter into recipes since she could reach her Grandmas kitchen counter with a step stool. She quickly learned cooking was the way to her Granny’s heart and everyone else’s for that matter.

As a teenager Shirley brought that connection of family and food into the heart and home of her foster family, creating flavors in the Kentucky farmhouse kitchen right next to her foster Mom Pat. Shirley’s love for cooking rose to the next level …Passion…and that is an understatement! In fact, she been known to say “this tastes so good it will slap you naked and hide your clothes” and she ain’t lying! Her catering is now sought after all over the world. Shirley and John, her master griller husband have traveled for catered events as far as France, Spain and all over the United States spreading the love thru food and friendship.

Shirley has a magical ability to turn what’s on hand with what’s fresh and in season into amazing creations. Shirley’s recipes are thrill ride for your taste buds all the while she’s in her happiest place watching the enjoyment of the quests devouring her cooking. Whether an intimate party of 2 or a huge social gathering, guests quickly become friends to Shirley and most often she becomes the family chef for all their special events.

Chef Kimberly Carroll

Hi, my name is Kim Carroll. I am a graduate of the Rollins College MBA program. I am the proud mother of three wonderful kids and grandmother of six even more wonderful kids, but don’t tell their parents I said that. Cooking has always been my passion. When I was growing up, I loved to cook, spending hours in the kitchen with my mother, making a mess, but learning delicious, traditional, southern recipes, using authentic, seasonal, fresh ingredients, and preparing everything from scratch. I still use many of the recipes handed down from my mother and grandmother. With crazy hours working, I spent years running political campaigns, I was pulled away from spending much time in the kitchen beyond holiday meals. While going through a rough time in my life, I realized I needed to find something to put my energy into and so I rediscovered my love of cooking.

I cook because I am passionate about food. I love to spend time in the kitchen and see the smiles on the faces of friends and family as they taste what I have put in front of them. I love to cook for my grandkids because nothing makes them happier than a plate of fresh baked cookies or homemade ice cream. Being told you’re the “bestest” cook in the world is a great compliment when your son in law is a chef! Most of all, I cook because I love the way food brings people together. Sharing laughter with friends over a glass of wine and a plate of good food makes problems melt away and brings people together. The more I cooked, the more I realized this is what I wanted to do when I “grew up”.

I am excited to be working alongside Shirley Stamper to bring our passion for cooking to your next event.


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One of our my most fave things in life is cooking for people we love 🥰👩‍🍳
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